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What does one ton of carbon really mean in everyday life?

In time units
Someone living in the United Kingdom causes 1 ton of carbon emissions in 4 weeks while someone living in the USA, Canada, or Australia does the same in only 2 weeks.

Background: The annual per-capita carbon emissions in United Kingdom average 11 tons, in the United States and Canada 23 tons, and in Australia 25 tons.

In consumption units
Each one of the following:
• Driving a car for 4,300 km (2,700 miles)
• Eating 30 kg (66 pounds) of beef
• 4 round-trip flights between London and Dublin or one round-trip flight between New York City and Miami
• Burning twenty 60-Watt light bulbs for 4 hours a day one year long
• Using two computers for 7 hours a day one year long

Carbon Calculators
Currently there are no uniform international standards for measuring carbon footprints. The methods used by the many calculators differ.


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