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To reduce carbon emissions we must change our habits. This does not mean that we must abandon everything that makes our life enjoyable. Technophobia is not the solution. Fossil fuels and livestock are the problem. We will be much closer to the solution when are able to meet our energy needs from renewable energy sources and reduce meat production and consumption to sustainable levels.

It is important to understand that we are all different people with different needs. What is good to some might be impossible to others. We should therefore set our own “carbon budget” and decide what can be changed and what can’t.

Some changes require investments – both large and small sums might be needed. But we can also achieve a lot without spending money if we change some habits instead. This might require time and discipline, though. Replacing ordinary light bulbs with energy saving ones cost a small amount of money and is quickly done. Yet it requires a lot of discipline not to leave these same light bulbs on when you leave the room...

Here are tips for saving energy and reducing carbon emissions. You can find out how to change your behaviour in the following areas: Living; Driving & Travelling; Cooking & Eating; Washing & Ironing. Money issues will be dealt with in Investments.


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