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The Coolness Express is an international campaign for carbon emission reduction.
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Once again we were at the Oktoberfest in Munich looking for 6,4000 people to join us and make the whole thing carbon neutral!

For the third year in a row: campaign “Lenten Carbon Fasten” in collaboration with Jesuit institutions in Munich and Leipzig. 


The campaign Oktoberfest 2012 (this year for the German market only) was a great success. "6400 Oktoberfest heroes" has come a long way!  

News Conference – Munich, August 22, 2012

Our campaign “Lenten Carbon Fasten” in collaboration with the Jesuit Church St. Michael in Munich ran for the second year. 



We live in the age of mega events. They keep growing, both in number and in size, and so do their carbon footprint. Offsetting these emissions with the Low Carbon Diet is easy and fun.


Certified Coolness: Cool living on a cool planet