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The Low Carbon Diet for the Oktoberfest 2011

All who tried it swear that they quickly lost weight, improved their health, and got a much better figure. Most claim to have saved money along the way. On top of that: they helped to cool down the planet! The Low Carbon Diet enables business clients to start a meaningful conversation with clients, employees, or stakeholders about sustainability and climate and environment protection.

The Low Carbon Diet works well in different contexts: from mundane (Oktoberfest in Munich) to educational and professional events (congresses and trade fairs) to religious (Lenten Carbon Fast). It is scalable and free configurable: you can add Carbon Offsetting; coaching by Mr Cool Ness; social media features like discussion groups, testimonial blogs, fans pages, etc; competitions; sweepstakes; loyalty programmes; etc.


Certified Coolness: Cool living on a cool planet