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Global sport events are great opportunities to change a country’s image. The Olympic games in Tokyo in 1964 and in Beijing in 2008 were a sort of coming out party for both countries: they showed that they had finally become a member of the rich countries’ club. The first football (soccer) World Cup on African soil was supposed to show the world the other face of Africa: young, active, and shaping its own future.

It could also have been a good opportunity to address climate change since Africa will be particularly hard hit by it. But this and other opportunities were missed.

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“Dear Mr. Cool Ness,
I have a condo in the beautiful mountains of Colorado and have wondered what the impact of wood burning fireplaces has on the environment. Do you have a formula to help calculate the types of emissions from wood burning fireplaces? Also, if the wood-burning fireplace is replaced with a gas or electric insert how does one calculate the benefits! Thanks and great work on your site!

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