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My name is Izai Amorim. I’m Brazilian from Salvador, a beautiful coastal city threatened by climate change. I was trained as an architect but I work as a branding consultant. I believe that I can use my branding skills to help the cause of climate change, sustainability, and environment protection. Because time is running out and in my opinion branding can help.

We need new lifestyles that are good for the environment and the climate. We need to change and the majority of people must get involved!

We won’t change anything by giving people more information, though. The information everyone needs to understand the problem and to make the necessary changes has been available for years.

We won’t change anything by making people feel bad or guilty, either. The very fact that environment protection is often associated with guilt and bad feelings is one of the reasons why people keep on ignoring it.

And we won’t make people give up comfort, technology, or their modern way of life. Preaching frugality and backwardness won’t get many results.

The answer is coolness! We must elevate sustainable behaviour and environmental and climate protection to a coolness status, something people will voluntarily and eagerly want to do. It must be fun, easy, and cool – certified cool. That’s why I called my company Certified Coolness.

I know: this is no easy task, but somebody has to do start. I can’t do it alone and I am looking for people who want to join me. What about you? Together we could start a real cool thing!

In case you want to learn more about me, you can check my personal website:


Certified Coolness: Cool living on a cool planet